Minimalism 1 – Jungle Green.


This is the first in an occasional series..

I couldn’t decide whether to show you this in B&W or colour so thought I’d give you both and you could decide which you prefer. This was taken in Mallorca and would fit with my low-key series too.







I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my favourite blogs.. I’ve been away in Mallorca for a week.. I’m going to try to catch up over the next week or so 🙂


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35 thoughts on “Minimalism 1 – Jungle Green.

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  2. Well any post entitled “Minimalism 1” is going to pull me in isn’t it? And going against my religion and all I hold dear – where is that bottle of beer? – I’m certainly sold on the colour version! Absolutely gorgeous, the colours are vibrant and simply magic! For me, the mono version is not even an also ran – can’t believe I’ve just said that!

    Hope you’re fine, Helen. I’m retiring at the end of March. Adrian

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