London people – Why would you do this?


An occasional series.




Don’t ask me why as I have no idea but there could be many, many reasons. What do YOU think?

The photo below gives the context.

He was sitting right in the middle of the pathway from the exit at King’s Cross Station.





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27 thoughts on “London people – Why would you do this?

    • Scilla this was the answer I gave on Facebook when an acquaintance berated me when I said I hadn’t asked if the man was okay “I have spent all my working life ( since 17 and I’m 58 now) working with vulnerable people; as LD nurse, in specialist dementia and now as a Social Worker. I have volunteered with the Samaritans and with Adult Literacy. I have campaigned against injustice wherever I have found it ( in and outside work) sometimes at enormous emotional cost to myself (off 5 1/2 months last year with work related stress and depression) as sometimes I think I care too much. So yes I did think about asking him if he was alright but I stepped back from that because I am at last learning that I have to protect myself and not think I can carry the weight of the worlds problems on my shoulders and solve them all. I need to be an observer sometimes and make other people think..”

  1. Wondering more about the pillow …..his dress and attitude are so sad ,,,,,then he wraps the pillow as if to protect it … sad …great captures of life ….my heart went out to him …

  2. I’m with Scilla and the nuisance theory…….
    Not content with wearing a bright blue body warmer with taupe boots, (enough to upset anyone), he insists in getting in your bloody way…….A few hard whacks with a rubber hose would do him the world of good….

    …and don’t get me started about the man-bag..??….Since when did street people switch from shopping trolleys to man-bags for chrissake! Leather over shoulder man-bags from debenhams at 75 pounds a pop no less…(don’t ask me how I know)….JJJJJEEEEEESSUUSSSSSSSS!!!
    For chrissake man, get yourself a wee-stained overcoat, newspaper shoes and a collie… and SIT AT THE SIDE OF THE BLOODY PATH!!!

    (I need my medication)

  3. It’s a challenging image that asks more questions than can easily be answered in a still photograph devoid of context. I ask myself are there any circumstances that would lead me to take such action? Why? Perhaps honest answers might tell me a great deal about me and possibly a little more about him.

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