You’d Better Keep Your Coat On!

I jumped out of the car to take photos of these horses as they walked out of the fog today.

I only had a couple of minutes so had to be very quick..

_622 1



horse in the fog 2



horse walking out of the fog






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31 thoughts on “You’d Better Keep Your Coat On!

    • I actually didn’t have time to PUT my coat on Celi.. The horses would already have been up close to the hedge if I had waited to do that and I’d have missed the shot altogether.

  1. Nice moment in time…fog and freezing kind of seems to stop time altogether. That’s the atmosphere I get, anyway. Well below the freezing point here, though not much snow. Gotta say I’ve been kind of fudging on my New Year’s resolution and not doing much outdoors.

    • Fog just muffles everything and indeed stopping time is a good way of putting it ( though I couldn’t stop mine !) I think it is sensible not to be doing much outdoors at the moment!

  2. FAB shots … even on a rough day – you have caught the beauty. Feel sorry for the horses, no animal should be out in a weather like that !
    Don’t tell me they like it. *laughing. It’s your horses.

  3. Good pictures, Helen, especially the third one down – I think the overall mistiness of the shot, the head-down horse disconsolately trudging towards us, and of course his scarlet coat all do it for me. Good stuff! Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian.. I was very luckuy to spot them as I passed.. my personal favourite is the one in the blue walking from right to left.. the way he was hanging his head just summed up the weather for me!

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