Dancing on Ice?

I photographed these on my way back from the dentist on Thursday morning.  😀


4 ducks on ice






4 ducks walking on the ice


This last one was on the dark side of the lake!



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29 thoughts on “Dancing on Ice?

  1. Gorgeous frosted grass in that first shot! I took some photos of wild turkeys in the snow yesterday…how do these birds walk on such cold surfaces in those scaly, webby feet without sticking to them or getting frostbite? I’m curious…

    • Obviously the reflection of something but I have no idea now Nigel.. I had only a few seconds to get the shots because when they saw me they moved towards me.. I just noticed it and took it..

  2. Helen, wonderful … your duck looks a lot happier than the once I took photos on yesterday .. post will follow next week, They had no sun do dance it .. just bitterly cold. Really great photos. Have a good weekend now.

    • Hello Bindu and welcome to my blog. The ducks saw me coming and I guess they thought I was going to feed them.. I felt quite bad after because I had no food with me.. As I said to Nigel below. I don’t know what the red reflection was, I just saw it and snapped away.

  3. lovely photos Helen. I know snow and ice can be dangerous and cold but i love the look of it. The ducks look as if they like it too

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  5. Oh I like these, Helen >>> and its got to be the 3rd image down >>> “Here come the ducks!!!”. The shot above it is good too, but I like the strung out line of the 4 of them – The Showdown At The OK Corral Duckfeeder! Adrian

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