Beauty in Death


A couple of days ago my cat brought in a live mouse but by the time I got it from her it was dead, probably of shock as it wasn’t marked. I wrapped it in the leaf you see here and was going to bring it outside and thought it looked beautiful so I thought I’d immortalise it with photography. I think low-key suits this subject as it adds drama to the image. I wonder what people think about me photographing a dead animal?

I’m sure you’ll tell me !


beautiful but dead mouse lying on a leaf.


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31 thoughts on “Beauty in Death

  1. for some strange reason I can’t see the picture. May be my computer playing up, I’ll try looking again later

    • I know I felt like that too Rachael.. my cat is a great hunter and I know I don’t like to have mice in the house. I often find half eaten mice at the bottom of the stairs.. she leaves them there for my approval!

      • She is obviously very good at it. I don’t like to have mice in the house either. Rats even less, but then I am lucky enough never to have had the latter to contend with (hope I haven’t just jinxed myself!). But the little wood mice in the garden are delightful, as pretty as any other furry thing and not at all interested in coming indoors.

  2. Helen, this is a very well executed image, great lighting, colour and it does have a dramatic feel. I think the image stands on its own so I have no issues with the back story.

  3. I prefer live creatures but I see what you’re saying. He is a beautiful little chap and the choice of an autumnal leaf as a bier is inspired. I’m sure he’ll be happy to be carried off to murine Valhalla on that 🙂

      • Would never have thought to make a bed for it to lie on…..and we had a little mouse die on our drive a few weeks ago….I snapped it, but only on the ground….looking forward to the embalming… 🙂

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  5. Dead leaf, dead mouse – a classic still life (death) photograph. Sensitive, honouring and very beautiful – no blame – painters have been doing this for centuries…

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