The Last Post ……… Number 366

I’ve done it         

sorry was I shouting ! 😀   

This is the final post of my 366 challenge.  I didn’t miss a day although there were days when I would have given anything not to have to post. As it says on my about page ( mental note to self that I must change that now) I didn’t take photos every day but did post every day. Hats off  to those who do the year-long challenge and actually take the photo they post every day. I am seriously impressed by that.

However I am feeling jolly pleased with myself, though I still can’t quite believe I’ve done it. 

Here’s a few stats. 

I have posted just over 1000 photographs!!   Wow !!

A day or so ago I passed the 30,000 hits mark.

I have been visited by 131 countries with the newest being Kyrgyzstan and also a few unknown places.  How odd?

My stats say this 19 from Unknown – Anonymous proxy ( what IS that ?? ) 18 from Unknown- European Union, 9 Unknown – Satellite provider, 5 unknown- pacific/asia region and 5 just plain unknown ! I am fascinated by all these unknown places where are they?

During this year I have discovered how much I love being out in nature.

The great outdoors is indeed great with it’s water and animals not to mention it’s landscapes

I love macro photography as there is an otherworldliness in miniature but I also love the hardness of architecture

I’ve even thrown in the odd (very!) self portrait.

Thank you so much to the 342 who follow me and to those who just stopped by for a quick look. A special thank you to those of you who have commented. I can barely remember why I started this blog now.. a whim I expect! but I have discovered there are some wonderfully supportive and fun people out there in the blogosphere.

Bravo ! and I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip around my world as much as I have.

Some of you will remember my most recent swan photos  well I thought I’d finish by giving you a few more but different swans, some taken in Kew gardens and the last one at the river a few miles from my house. There can be no doubt swans are truly magnificent creatures.


close up of swans






swan 2.


swan with head under wing


Ooooo there’s nothing like a good scratch!

close-up of swan scratching his head


So what happens next?  Well, I intend to take some time to learn how to better use my camera! but I still have lots of photos I want to show you so I intend to carry on posting but for sure not every day.. I hope some of you will stick with me and of course I’ll have more time to comment on my favourite blogs 🙂 


If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look here 

Several people have asked where they might buy cards/prints of my work so I am gradually adding favourites to my new Redbubble shopping page here 



39 thoughts on “The Last Post ……… Number 366

  1. Hail! Cheerio! Whoot! and Congratulations, Helen!! I have truly enjoyed following this project and seeing all the images you’ve posted. I am honored to have gotten to know you through your lens…and also through your words and your other blog! Glad you’ll still be sharing more at a more relaxed pace!

  2. Well done Helen posting every day without fail is an amazing achievement, even without having to take all the wonderful photographs. Glad you are going to carry on, I have enjoyed your blogs this year very much.

  3. Congratulations, Helen. I know how hard this is from bitter personal experience, and although I did the new photo every day version (on Flickr), I think that posting a blog every day is still no mean feat, especially when you do more, as you do, than simply post one image.

  4. Well done Helen! It’s quite appropriate that you completed your marathon in Olympics Year. For your fame to have spread to so many unknown countries and destinations is also an achievement, I think! The swans are superb, especially the first two.

  5. Helen, congratulations! What an excellent achievement – I’m not sure I could manage such discipline.
    It has been a pleasure to see your process, images and words. I look forward to what develops next. : )
    Best wishes!

  6. Well done Helen, you superstar. The image that stayed with me most was the Santa’s in Venice. I checked it out and that was your first post. I even commented. I’d only just started blogging myself so felt very daring and timid making that comment. What a year eh? Congrats again 🙂

  7. Fantastic Helen!
    While I think of it. I’m not sure if it’s just my monitor or others as well, but where ever you place a link to your other site or whatever link, in the colour Yellow, I can’t actually read what it says. I just know that those Yellow blobs means there is a link. Thought I would let you know.

    Cheers and a very Happy NY.

    • Thanks Mark..but I’m not sure why you are seeing yellow blobs.. it’s clearly a word on both my PC and netbook and I’ve viewed on several other computers and never seen a problem so I don’t know what’s up.. Happy New year to you too 🙂

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