Zoo – Meerkats – this is number 365 of my 366 project

Countdown to the end of my 366 challenge

Tomorrow will be  the 366th post.. Whey hey!

I have a lot of photos that I still want to share with you so it has been very hard deciding on the which ones to post and I have spent waaaay too much time looking at photos the last couple of days.  So I’m just going to go with the flow and I’ve decided to go back to the “zoo” photos.

You can see my other Zoo photos here

Meerkats are pretty irresistible aren’t they? but as you may have come to expect from me this is more than just photos.. read on.




meerkat 2



meerkat standing on hind legs


Look at his beautiful sand-covered nose!

Meerkat's face close-up


This one looks sad doesn’t he as he lay basking in the heat…


meerkat lying in the heat


….It’s not the natural heat and sun this animal should be experiencing but as you can see below it’s the heat of an artificial lamp.

Does it matter ?…. Yes I think it does. 

I recognise the conflict within myself of loving the animals, wanting to photograph them but also wanting to show that maybe zoos aren’t the right place for wild animals.


meerkat lying under a heat lamp


If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look here 

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16 thoughts on “Zoo – Meerkats – this is number 365 of my 366 project

  1. WOWWWWW! What an achievement, to have blogged everyday for a year. A big congratulations Helen, that really does take some commitment. I am seriously impressed. I know that a number of my contacts have done it on Flickr but although that also does take commitment, just posting a pic will do it. Whereas, to blog, one has to come up with the subject then the words etc. etc. And you did it girl!! Way to go!

  2. Wonderful portraits. You captured the intelligent eyes quite nicely. I have a similar conflict with zoos…they can be the happiest places and the saddest places to visit at the same time.

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