I think even Mud can be Beautiful!

Countdown to the end of my 366 challenge

The year is very nearly up !  2 more after this one 😀

We’ve had a helluva lot of rain in the Uk this past week or so and there are lots of roads flooded and mud everywhere.. it brought to mind an area in Cumbria which I visited in February this year.

You can see some of my other photos from Cumbria here  and here

Mud mud glorious mud.. and some grass too!


muddy channel out to the sea


I don’t know what this wooden structure was for and it was quite a way from me.

You can see the lifeboat station on the horizon.

wooden structure in the mud flats.




There were patches of grassland and bog that had lovely tones.

layers of different colour grasses.

I’ll give you some more from this area on another day.


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14 thoughts on “I think even Mud can be Beautiful!

  1. Lovely natural shots. I like seeing the lifeboat station in the background. You are so very nearly there! Well done. I did 365 in 2009 so I know how hard it can be at times. Good for you!

  2. Listen, Helen >>>anything can be beautiful – its just a question of how you look at it. When I photographed a contrail recently you said that I’ll photograph anything and you’re 100% right – its just how we look at things.

    In your top photo here, I love the greens, browns, textures and spreading fingers of that vegetation, and then the pale creek going off through it, towards that other, hazy shore – good stuff! I did think of mono. but those greens and browns are too wonderful! Adrian

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