Wicken fen – Bee sure to rest..

Less than a week to go before the end of my 366 challenge

Counting down.. this is number 6

It’s pretty impossible to get out to take photos at the moment because it’s VERY wet and dreary! but I have plenty that I haven’t shown you yet and these were taken at Wicken Fen back in April.

These bee shots were taken before I started shooting in Raw and it was hard going because the bee’s nest was in a hollow in a tree and rather awkward to get at but well worth the effort to watch them. The top photo was taken at dusk when the bees were quietening down for the night. It was resting in a hole below the nest and had this rather beautiful curled vine, of some sort, framing it.


Bee, at dusk, resting in the tree trunk.


Just thought I’d add this one below so that you can see, in the hole at bottom right, the honeycomb that the wild bees were making.

bees going into hole in tree and out again,



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12 thoughts on “Wicken fen – Bee sure to rest..

    • Welcome to my blog Afrenchgarden and thanks for commenting.. I think you are right about there being less bees.. This was at a National Trust place and one of the workers there had spotted it and there was a sign highlighting it..

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