Scotland – It’s a long road to survival…

I am on the run-in to the end of my 366 challenge with less that 2 weeks to go..

This is number 13


This has to be a quick post as it’s nearly midnight here in the UK ( I always prepare my post the night before ready for the next day )  I spent a lot of time today (Sat) on my 1500 Saturdays post – link at bottom of post and then had chat with a dear friend of mine.. you know who you are 😀 .. and now I’m tired !

So here we have a little shy Red Squirrel that I “met” on a deserted  and little-used forest road in the heart of The Trossachs. I was driving round the corner slowly just breathing in the wonderful air and there he was on the road in front of me. I stopped the car and ohhhh so slowly opened the window to take a quick photo because I knew if I opened the car door the little squirrel would be gone. They are generally quite secretive creatures. I got just one shot with my zoom..

Now there will be those of you in other countries where you are probably very used to seeing red squirrels but here in the UK we are not as they are now relatively rare in most parts of the country. Their habitats have been taken over by the larger non-native Grey Squirrel and you can see a couple of my posts of Grey Squirrels here  

Scotland is somewhere you still find some reds and they are gradually being introduced into other parts of the UK into the right type of woodland that grey squirrels don’t like.

 This photo represents the long road to survival for the red squirrel


red squirrel on the road - to right

More Scotland photos to come


If you don’t already know my other blog 1500 Saturdays I hope you’ll pop over and take a look here 

Several people have asked where they might buy cards/prints of my work so I am gradually adding favourites to my new Redbubble shopping page here  and I put lots of new ones on today..



14 thoughts on “Scotland – It’s a long road to survival…

    • I do too Adrian… I had one that used to come visit the stand of Scot’s pine that was beside my house in Ireland until I found it half eaten in my utility room.. my cat had caught it and had a feast.. I was horrified..

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