Portrait of a 1940’s re-enactment – Children


There were several children at the 40’s re-enactment..

Of course everyone was taking photos as they were so cute and I couldn’t resist either. Though I had my usual reservations about whether they should be playing around where there was stuff about war but war was a historical fact so I guess it depends on the attitude of the parents, as it usually does.

The first 3 photos are of a brother and sister dressed as evacuees and I have removed the name from the teddy bear and the gas mask box because I’m not sure if that was her real name or not.


The carton of drink rather spoils the authenticity doesn’t it !


What a sweet face but I bet he doesn’t always look this innocent!


The children below had a great time queueing while holding onto the old-fashioned hose, waiting their turn to hold the nozzle and spray the water.


The young man operating the hose was so patient with them all. You can see the little girl below was quite in awe of him 🙂


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