Portrait of a 1940’s re-enactment – Husband and Wife..


Back in September I started what was going to be a series about a 1940’s re-enactment but you know me I got distracted !

I thought it was about time I went back to it so here I go. 

At the 1940’s re-enactment at Wimpole, a National Trust estate, I was just walking down a path, turned the corner and saw this couple. I was immediately taken with the shape made by the leaning man.





They were a lovely couple. They didn’t know I was taking the first 2 shots but when I asked them if they minded me taking their photos they said they didn’t ( they are well used to it ) but were finding it hard to keep a straight face as you can see.. I thought I’d show them in colour.


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22 thoughts on “Portrait of a 1940’s re-enactment – Husband and Wife..

  1. My first thought on the first photo was how sad … they both have their legs crossed away from each other, the briefcase on the bench is a barrier between them, the lady is looking straight ahead and the man is leaning as far away from the lady as he could possibly get. There’s no twinkle in the gentleman’s eyes as he turns to talk to the lady in the second shot, I would deffinately say a married couple.
    But in the colour shot, after the interaction of another person (you) the lady has changed her legs position and the crow’s feet wrinkles are very visable around their eyes, especially the man’s eyes, signs of lots of laughter in the past.
    Maybe they’re not unhappy after all, just bored. 🙂

    • Lovely thoughtfull comment Sally and it was the body language that caught my attention… They had just had some refreshments ( note the flask) I think they were just tired and enjoying a peaceful moment and a rest.. these historial re-enactments require concentration to stay in character..

  2. Great shots Helen. I wonder whether the ‘body language’ might also have been influenced a little by the bench, which looks bloody uncomfortable. Shifting weight around might well have been essential over a long sitting period.

  3. Love the photos … the top one my favorite – but I like the cheekiness in the ladies face … fantastic!!! You are very talent … and I will check out your other photos now.

  4. It seems we all prefer the first two. The third one doesn’t have such a convincing 40’s feel. It’s not just the addition of colour – for instance, I don’t recall berets being worn by women in the 40’s.

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