The only way to travel in Cambridge ( and a couple of windows !)


Isn’t this a fantastical contraption…. like something left behind from a Doctor Who set.





I thought I’d throw in a couple of Christmassy looking windows..



This one doesn’t have Christmassy decorations but it still has that feel to it I think



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21 thoughts on “The only way to travel in Cambridge ( and a couple of windows !)

  1. I think this may be a child carrier bike. In Vancouver there is a large and often creative biking community and custom made /homemade bikes proliferate. I’ve seen many similar bikes to this and most were designed to carry children or groceries or aging parents 😉

    • Haha to the aging parents bit John… This isn’t a one off here in Cambridge .. there are dozens of them ( mostly for children! ) because Cambridge is so flat it’s bike country..

  2. that could be Amsterdam! The Dutch have all sorts of ways to transport themselves and their children by bike. Nice shot.

  3. I remember clinging to my father’s back while strapped into a small, plaid folding seat on the back of his bike. Whenever he got off the bike, my weight would threaten to topple the thing. Design has gotten much safer, glad to say. I love the feel of the Christmasy windows, the condensation and the candlelight just exude warmth. Very sensual!

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