As close as I could get..

Still didn’t get to the deer so sticking with butterflies for now as people seem to like them and I just have to keep to my original at least one photo a day promise.. only about 5 weeks to go !

In this one the focus is on the curly proboscis as it fascinates me.  I am trying not to covet an even better macro lens ! 

Huge apologies for not keeping up with comments and my favourite blogs.. Life keeps getting in the way.



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39 thoughts on “As close as I could get..

  1. This is a superb photo. The focus is just right – a more even sharp focus would have detracted from the effectiveness of the image. But quite apart from the technical success, what appeals to me is that your butterfly is ‘alive’, it has souls, it has personality.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and striking picture, Helen! My advice? If you’re really into macro – as you appear to be – go for the best quality lens you can afford. Don’t know if you use Nikon, but if so the 105mm VR Micro Nikkor – which is excellent for portraits too, and has VR. Adrian

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