Swan Ghosts


I have given you quite traditional ( well almost) photos of swans the last 2 days, ( here and here)  today I am giving you something quite different but swans nevertheless. I like to push  the boundaries a little from time to time but am taking a bit of a risk here as the last 2 days have been so crisp and clean !   😉   I have added a little bit of watercolour in Photoshop ( well I have to use it sometimes !! )  to give a bit of definition.

I wanted to show their gliding elegance in a different way.. I’m sure you’ll let me know what you think !







I will have more swans tomorrow but they will be back to something a little more conventional.


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  where I write about what I’m thinking, talking about, photographing or doing on all the Saturdays I hope I’ll have left!


19 thoughts on “Swan Ghosts

  1. Hi Helen
    I think the top one works absolutely beautifully……I wish you’d just posted the one,(like your first pink swan)….I think a single really powerful image always appeals to me more than a group doing a similar thing…the second and third are both nice shots but the first is just that much better its a shame to make it one of a set…
    I really like the first shot……FAB !

  2. Helen, these are absolutely superb! Its very hard to pick a favourite here – maybe the middle one, but the top one is excellent too >>> actually I think the top one has it! The sort of pictures that I would love to take! Adrian

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