The Dying Swan… ( not literally! )


Taken leaning over a bridge in Stratford-upon-Avon.

This photo has not been photoshopped in case you are wondering…

The black background is the river with only a little adjustment from me in post-processing



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24 thoughts on “The Dying Swan… ( not literally! )

  1. Fabulously depicted! How did you get such a perfect black background? The pose is so striking, much like John James Audubon’s drawings. He drew from dead birds, actually, and so many of them have odd neck and head positions. This shot is astounding and brilliant! One of your all time best, IMHO.

    • The river was very black from the shadow of the bridge but the swan was lit quite well by natural light.. so it pretty much came out like this Scilla.. I was using low key setting ( on manual) so the swan was highlighted making the background dark.. I just had to sharpen and add a little contrast and bingo.. I was very, very pleased with it especially as this was the only swan in dozens that had this pinky/oranginess that looks like blood at first glance so I thank you for your lovely words 🙂

  2. Oh absolutely excellent, Helen, absolutely superb! And it matters not one jot if its been Photoshopped or not, its a superb image. I do of course like the surrounding blackness and the fact that the swan is sharp >>> but really the swan’s ungainly, bizarre posture sends this shot up into high levels – superb! A

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