Saturday Skies 5 – The last of the Fen Drain Sunset.


I thought I’d keep my last few Fen Sunset shots for a Saturday Skies post. I had thought when I started this little series that there would be lots of sky photos but it seems not or at least not exclusively sky or maybe under the Clouds tag






This bottom one shows the length and straightness of the Fen Drain.



I am away in lovely Stratford-upon-Avon at the moment so veeeeeery behind with comments and blogs! ( hopefully by the time you read this and if the hotel I’m in has the wi-fi promised I may not be !)


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10 thoughts on “Saturday Skies 5 – The last of the Fen Drain Sunset.

  1. Nicely done, my friend. I find it so hard to photograph sunsets…what I see never ends up getting through the lens. Somehow, it’s just never as vivid, as colorful, as sweeping and encompassing as in real life.

    • I understand that Scilla.. try letting a bit less light into your camera.. ( don’t ask me for the technical term for this.. you know what I’m like.. I take photos by feel ! ) this will add more depth..

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