Spider alert! ( Fear not it’s only a little one)

As a long-time Arachnophobe I am delighted to find that I am much more tolerant of spiders since I started this photography blog – only the little ones mind! You can see my other posts with a spider tag here

I turned this photo a lot before I decided which way to show it and I think it works several different ways but today it’s this way, tomorrow could be quite different again!

I rather like the B&W version of this ( though as soon as I wrote that and previewed the post I wasn’t so sure ! )  Which do you prefer?





There will be more of this little spider another day 😉


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



22 thoughts on “Spider alert! ( Fear not it’s only a little one)

  1. They both work well. The black-and-white is a bit halloweeny,harsher and scarier, the other one is warmer. Beautiful spider specimen.

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  3. Its certainly – by quite a long margin – the colour version for me. Helen – the rich browns of those ?leaves are not to be missed, and the spider’s white body and bright scarlet decoration make a much stronger focal point for the whole thing. Great stuff! Adrian

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