Scotland – Apocalypse – My 300th post


Please Help Me!



This photo was taken on my Scotland holiday in September. As soon as I saw this area, where the trees had been cleared, I thought of an apocalypse and was looking around for a photo when I saw this very tall living tree surrounded by trees that appeared dead; except the one which had 2 branches that looked to me as though they were arms pleading for help.

I processed and deliberately over sharpened to give a “nuclear glow” and then inverted the photo to replicate the vision I had in my mind’s eye when I took the photo. I’m sure you’ll let me know what you think good or bad !

Thanks to all who have commented, followed or just had a look at this blog.. 300 down only 66 to go until my year is up ( it was a leap year when I started!)


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20 thoughts on “Scotland – Apocalypse – My 300th post

  1. Absolutely excellent, Helen – you are showing us what you saw in your mind’s eye and leading us through it so that is not just some uninterpretable abstract – and the result is a first rate image! You – and maybe I – should do more of these. Adrian

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