Gone Fishing….

I couldn’t decide whether to show you Colour or Black and White so I’m giving you both. I took this at my local lake early yesterday morning. I noticed as I walked past that his head fitted into the natural curve made by the tree reflections and couldn’t resist it.




I think I prefer the one with a little colour.. what do you think?


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23 thoughts on “Gone Fishing….

  1. colour definitely, the colours in the water are beautiful. The black and white one looks more “flat” (not sure what the technical term would be 🙂

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  3. Color. With the black and white, I love his silhouette, but it’s the foreground that’s too dark. If you can lighten that up with some good contract so it has texture, I bet it would rock! Excellent photo!

  4. Hi Helen – good pictures! I’ve struggled with the choice here and really do like them both.

    But I suppose if were going for the real essence of the thing – solitary fisherman, alone by the calm river, studying the water, etc, it would be the mono version – the colours are good but, a little, they detract from the subject – is my view! His silhouette is stronger, with less distraction, in the mono version. Hope you’re fine! Adrian

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