Enchanting Tiny Tales at Lindisfarne Castle


If you have been following my blog this week you will know I was recently at the mystical and beautiful Lindisfarne. Inside the castle was a delightful exhibition , their first ever major one, by Laura Johnson a freelance prop maker. This is from her website Cotton Bound Creations

“I have recently been commissioned to exhibit a new collection of miniatures for The National Trust in Northumberland this year for Lindisfarne Castle in Berwick-Upon-Tweed. This exhibition will be capturing the history behind the castle including all its past visitors and highlighting stories of the castle that go unnoticed amongst its grandeur.

The exhibition will be opening on the 8th of September 2012 till the 4th November so come along and see this new miniature world taking over the castle.”

Lindisfarne was an old castle that was converted into a holiday home at the beginning of the 20th century by the famous Arts and Crafts architect Edwin Lutyens for  Edward Hudson and these tiny figures are all over the house on furniture and in windows.. Here is a little selection but there are lots more. If you’re nearby go and take a look.


Lady guest brushing her hair in front of a mirror


West bedroom – Hannah Lilburn ill in bed with doctor and maid. Hannah Lilburn was Hudson’s housekeeper and when she was taken ill in 1912 Hudson paid for a doctor to visit her every day for 7 or 8 weeks.

Lutyens at desk with interior designs for the castle.. this was in the North East bedroom and as there was only one bathroom in the house the maids ( in the background) were kept busy running about with jugs of hot water to fill hip baths.


Hudson on his way to bed

I don’t know what/who the little figures in these bottom 2 photos represent I just liked them 🙂


Looking out of the window..


Thankfully I am starting to catch up with comments and blogs but still waaaaay behind!


You can see my other Lindisfarne photos here


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18 thoughts on “Enchanting Tiny Tales at Lindisfarne Castle

  1. What an interesting & creative idea for historic interpretation! I’m sure you in Europe have a lot more examples of that job than we do, being such newcomers. Thanks for reporting with these beautiful shots!

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