Lindisfarne – Poles and Refuge Huts in Monochrome


Yesterday I showed you poles and refuge huts in the sand flats at Lindisfarne (you can see them here ) which I now know make up “the Pilgrims’ Way, a path marked since the 11th century for pilgrims to cross the sands at low tide safely”   Thanks to Rachael for that information. Go take a look at her fabulous blog Focused Moments

Today I thought I’d give you a monochrome version along with more apologies for neglecting you all 😦




You can see my other Lindisfarne photos here


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  where I write about what I’m thinking, talking about, photographing or doing on all the Saturdays I hope I’ll have left!



14 thoughts on “Lindisfarne – Poles and Refuge Huts in Monochrome

  1. interesting how you look at black and white differently to colour. With the colour I was looking at (and admiring) the whole landscape, while the black and white accentuates all the vertical and horizontal lines. Great pictures Helen.

  2. I love this shot Helen. I have to agree with Anonymous too, the monochrome completely changes the feel. Great composition, the poles lead your eye back across to the mainland.

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