Lindisfarne – A hut reaching for the sky.


I have already given you a couple of shots from the Lindisfarne area which you can see here

It’s such a beautiful area and this week I am going to stop jumping all over the place with my photos and give you a few more from this magical place, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

These were taken on the causeway that joins Lindisfarne to the mainland.

I imagine the hut must have been some kind of lookout for watching the tides but that’s only a guess. Update – see Rachael’s comment below. The hut is for motorists who get caught by the tide to take refuge in which I probably should have guessed as you can only access Lindisfarne at low tide – at high tide it is flooded.


These bottom 2 put the hut into context.. the first with the sea and sand flats and the 2nd with the causeway road.



Apologies for being all behind with my blog visiting and answering comments.. I hope to catch up in the next day or so


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12 thoughts on “Lindisfarne – A hut reaching for the sky.

  1. Lindisfarne (Holy Island) is one of my favourite places to visit. Luckily, I’m only an hour’s drive away. Motorists, and visitors visiting on foot, have to take refuge in these huts regularly. And I mean on a monthly basis. They just ignore the tide timetable and think they can outrun the encroaching sea. It’s always faster than you think. Lovely photos Helen.

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  3. No huts for the vehicles, though. Funny how far we’ve gone in the direction of feeling we’re in charge of our environment. I love Nature’s ways of reminding us that we must pay attention, look up from our GPS and notice our surroundings in their natural state!

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