My love affair with blue continues…


What IS this ?

Blue grass ? Ice ?


No! It’s me messing about again and turning the world upside down.. or in this case the sea.. 

I like how different something looks when you rotate it.

The one below is the natural state. The photo is not photoshopped .. It was taken on a very, very bright day in Sorrento, while I was on a boat,  so I tried the Low Key auto setting on my camera and I was pretty pleased with the definition of the lines of the waves. 


I rather like it like this too.. Have your eyes gone funny yet!!



I’ve done this before remember Watery Wednesday 4

There are lots of posts with the blue tag here and if you click on older posts at the bottom of that page.. you can go back and back to see lots more.. I told you I like blue 😉


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  where I write about what I’m thinking, talking about, photographing or doing on all the Saturdays I hope I’ll have left!


23 thoughts on “My love affair with blue continues…

  1. Yes, my eyes have started telling jokes and they have a head start in seeing the funny side >>> and this is you, gone rotational!!!!! Excellent stuff, you should do it more often >>> the lowest one here is my favourite, and I love the textures in the blue. Hope you’re good! Adrian

  2. Helen, these are brilliant! At first look, I was sure that, in your first image, the darker blue was an epanse of smoothish rock with waves breaking over it, and even after your explanation of inversion, I still see that. And the bottom one looks like icicles. I’ve been following FATman’s rotational adventures with great pleasure, and yours are inspiring, too. Must try my hand at this as well!

  3. I just spent a minute looking at the first two images trying to convince myself they’re the same one, and I couldn’t. Then I flipped my laptop upside down and sure enough they morphed into each other. Genius!

  4. Catching up on past posts – I generally don’t care what your images are ‘about’ I just love the light, colour and texture you present – lovely work as always Helen…

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