Scotland – Travelling over the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct


Yesterday’s post was a little melancholy but I’m alright again today 🙂

I am drip-feeding you photos of Scotland’s glorious Jacobite Steam train and you can see the other couple of posts so far here – there will be more !

No series on it would be complete without a photo of it going across the famous Glenfinnan viaduct.

There’s a story behind this photo. I had paid to go in the 1st class carriage, I know unusual for me with my socialist leanings! but I spent a lot of time in the corridor ( next to a toilet!) with my camera at the window..  as did several other photography enthusiasts. One of them  was a young Canadian tourist and great fun. He and I were there for a while waiting to get a glimpse of the Viaduct on the way back from Mallaig to Fort William. We were joined by another couple of men and spent a few minutes working out how all 4 of us would manage to get a decent shot.  So the Canadian and I went first just 2 quick shots each.. window wide open.. my head out of the bottom half of the window with the Canadian on top of me ( so to speak!).. snap, snap change places with the other 2..snap snap..Everyone happy and a nice shared moment.  I was pleased enough with mine…

You can see how many people are hanging out of windows trying to get photos.



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23 thoughts on “Scotland – Travelling over the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct

  1. very Harry Potter 🙂 And a great photo. Although how does the train driver see where he is going when the engine is going backwards??

  2. Beautiful and striking composition, Helen, I like that very much! The train travelling in the same direction as the viaduct and the steam plume visually narrow does it all! The quite featureless and sombrely coloured backdrop helps too – good stuff! Adrian

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