Scotland – Not even if you paid me a lot of money!!


The reason for the title of this post? I simply cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to slide off the side of a mountain down a very long wire – to be exact 400m long wire, 150 feet (46 metres) above the ground.

It was a challenge to keep her in focus. I was tempted for a minute or 2 until they told me you have to run when you reach the end or dig your heels in..  I wouldn’t be able to do that with my much-operated on ankle.  Phew!! glad to have a good excuse not to do it!





can you still just about see her halfway down.?


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18 thoughts on “Scotland – Not even if you paid me a lot of money!!

  1. In a heartbeat!!! They have recently set up a zip line at one of our ski resorts up in the northern part of the state close to Santa Fe. What an incredible idea for a ski resort… help draw revenue during the summer months. I have been wanting to go do that ever since I saw it on the news. I love zip lines! I love adrenaline rushes!!!

  2. Hi Helen. The website seems to have accepted my vote, at least it sent me an email with the opportunity to confirm the vote, Monday morning 09:40 BST ish.

    My excuse for not ‘zip wiring’ Whilst on holiday in Costa Rica, was that I preferred to photograph the scenic beauty on my way down the mountain by cable car. Actually, I would have liked to use the zip wire, but I couldn’t do both so in the end it was an easy decision.

  3. I actually prefer slowing down…I would walk slowly down the mountain, noticing leaves and insects and small mammals and colors and shapes…and photograph a portion, rather than let it all zip by underfoot as I careen toward an endpoint. I prefer that type of journey, but I do like your vantage point on these shots!

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