Scotland – At the edge of the Forest


If you feel like you are having a touch of Deja Vu you are absolutely right. 10 days or so ago I gave you a couple of photos I took in a piece of woodland and you can see those here and here.     

These photos were taken a few days after the others and here I’ve concentrated on the wonderful green moss that is so irresistible. Oh and thrown in a Black and White too. I hope you enjoy them, especially as I have more trees/forests for a later date !  😉



I thought I’d try a Black and White version.


and this was what happened when it started to rain on my lens, ending what had been a lovely time on the edge of the woods. 


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30 thoughts on “Scotland – At the edge of the Forest

  1. Oh I like these, Helen >>> what are you on these days >>> I want some too!!! The bottom two are good – I think the colour one must take the prize, I don’t think the mono one has quite enough in it.

    However, the top image makes my knees go all unnecessary – this is one of the most striking images I’ve seen for sometime >>> well done, that Cherry!!! Its the combination of that wonderful light on the vibrantly green moss in the foreground – and oh the shapes and forms that the moss takes! – and then those faintly blue, diffusely visible trees in the background – wonderful stuff! Adrian

  2. I want to live here! Or at least, have it near enough my home so I can have a walk whenever I want to. Reminds me of the book I’m currently reading, “Shiver.”

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