Scotland – Still Waters from the Train

I couldn’t believe my luck when I realised I’d got the shot below because at the time I was travelling on the steam train that I gave you a glimpse of here .

I was in the corridor at the end of the carriage with window open when I spotted the boats and had to wait a few seconds to try to time it so that the boats were in the reflected line of the mountains..

It seemed like a long few seconds but somehow I managed to time it right. This was my one and only shot. Not only that but I have never taken a wide-angle reflection shot like this before, on or off a fast-moving train!

I always think this kind of shot needs to be viewed when you are somewhat moved back from the screen.



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31 thoughts on “Scotland – Still Waters from the Train

    • Thanks Louis.. This was pretty much the one and only time a saw a really still loch during the week I was there. Always seemed to be enough breeze ( and sometimes wind!) to ripple the water.

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