Scotland – Trains and Boats but no Planes.

The other day I gave you a glimpse of a train trip I did recently in Scotland and there will be more photos from that great trip but as I posted these boats I thought of the song Trains and Boats and Planes by Dionne Warwick which I have to confess I never particularly liked but if you click on the title you can have a listen 🙂


You can’t beat a few reflections in the water and these blue boats were particularly good colours and the middle one had the lovely chain.



I wanted to get a slightly more ghostly effect with the one below




If you care to you can also read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here



25 thoughts on “Scotland – Trains and Boats but no Planes.

  1. The first pic is great, it really confuses the eye. When you see a boat like this you naturally think it’s in the water, and to try and work out the reflection with that premise is weird. And I really like the second pic, high key is a favourite of mine, although I can’t remember ever using the technique outside of the studio. Good work Helen, love it.

  2. Oh I like these very much, Helen – I think that for sheer purity and beauty the top one has it, that is truly immaculate, and I love the way the water’s surface is absolutely calm around the boat, but a little rougher at the top of the picture – which certainly brings something to the picture I think. Excellent stuff! Adrian

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