Scotland – More of the Enchanted Forest


Yesterday I gave you “A Magical Light in the Forest” and promised you more so here they are now.

I am sure there will be quite a few more trees in this Scotland series as the forest’s are so glorious.







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23 thoughts on “Scotland – More of the Enchanted Forest

  1. I can always be wooed with an enchanted forest! If I’d been Gretel, my wicked step-mother wouldn’t have had to lure me to the forest to abandon me – I’d have run off on my own! (Of course I would have had to cajole that whingy, whiny Hansel, who’d rather stay and be abused…)

  2. Wonderful images. I have a passion for Scotland also, I go wild camping in the highlands every summer and this year had the pleasure of finding myself in my own piece of enchanted woodland situated by a loch – it was like Shangri-la….

  3. The forests of Canada have worked their way into my English soul – these photos interweave both. The forest anywhere is a magical and mysterious environment where I have found peace and fear…

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