Like a naked umbrella…

..Well I think this looks a bit like a naked umbrella .. actually I just thought it made a more interesting title !


and look at this lovely little spider hanging underneath it.


Tomorrow I’ll show you what the spider had been doing.


I am still on holiday so apologise in advance for not being able to comment much, if at all, on my favourite blogs or respond to comments on here. Internet access is rather poor.. so will have hours of catching up to do on my return to say nothing of hours and hours of photo editing !



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If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays hereΒ Β 



33 thoughts on “Like a naked umbrella…

  1. Great shots both.

    Is the spider carrying the evidence of its activities in its jaws? Much to the consternation of the resident arachnophobes here there are spiders everywhere at the moment. Lots of opportunity for photography though!

  2. Lovely. I have two fennel plants that I find to be real mini beast magnets. At least I thought they were fennel. But they could be dill. I can’t remember, and I can’t tell them apart, even after googling! Argh!

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