Hold me up in case I fall


I spotted this when I was in my home town Swindon at the weekend.  I saw this top view first and thought it had a rather abstract look. I had no real idea what the metal bars were for and I couldn’t see the bottom of them.


Later on I spotted the view below through a double layer of security wire; hence the lines in the sky which I know I could have photoshopped out but I know you’ll forgive me for not doing so 😀 

The whole wall was supported and the other side of the wall ( which I could see from the side but couldn’t get in front of ) was just the wall not joined to anything.. How very strange !  It seemed they were doing some kind of renovation work but it was hard to tell whether this was the inside or outside of a building..but because of where it was it was clearly part of Swindon’s famous railway works.



If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  where I write about what I’m thinking, talking about, photographing or doing on all the Saturdays I hope I’ll have left!


21 thoughts on “Hold me up in case I fall

  1. Fascinating! I am endlessly enthralled by really old buildings… Here in NZ anything that pre-dates 1950 is considered old, over 100 years is downright ancient! On my first trip to Europe (actually my second, but does a high school trip REALLY count?) my first stop was Amsterdam – and even though I had done a lot of reading and seen hundreds of photos, I was just blown away by the reality of the old old buildings… and astonished at what our forebears were able to do without the ‘benefit’ of modern technology… (I think our modernity is what keeps us from accomplishing anywhere near what the ancients did…)

    • Michelle I think it is just that they are doing renovations and as I said it must be part of the railway works but I couldn’t see where a roof was fixed that’s what was odd about it..

  2. I am particularly drawn to the second photo – such a strong composition with the blue greys of the steel diagonals against the warm terracotta bricks – super photo Helen…

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