Soft Bodied and Slow Moving -1 ( and yes that could describe me too! )

A three-parter. I found this on my beloved Dill plant





I love its squiggy body


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25 thoughts on “Soft Bodied and Slow Moving -1 ( and yes that could describe me too! )

  1. Are those its fierce mouth parts in the first shot? I’m fascinated by the way that nature equips us with contrasts…slow-moving, soft bodies with strong jaws! Like the Slow Loris with enormous, pleading eyes…and poison in its fangs. Visual and conceptual contrast: beautiful!

  2. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    I’ve already reblogged a Helen Cherry post this morning and I make no apologies for reblogging another – three very different and imaginative takes on Creepy Crawlies! The use of selective focus in the top one is excellent – what I imagine to be the jaws are sharp, but the rest is a dark fuzziness, and the fuzzy lines in the backdrop raise the image – a totally blank backdrop would be far too empty here. This contrasts with the sharp and “bowed up” silhouette in the middle image – and the blues and greens add a lot here – a colourless backdrop would be nothing like as interesting. And finally the bottom image, where we foreswear (is that a word?) diffuseness and silhouette and get up close and personal with a most impressive beast (the subject of the other two shots?). Excellent set of photos, each different and each interesting. FATman

    • Thanks again Adrian.. it is indeed the same caterpillar taken on the same day as all the 3 caterpillar posts . I like that you think what is in fact legs might be jaws.. SCilla thought that too and in fact I wanted that to be what people thought

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