Leaving home in the rain?

I do have a few more photos of the One Love Festival which I will show another day. I needed a change so I guessed you might need one too 🙂

So back to little creatures. These are tiny and I mean tiny! yellow spiderlings of the Araneus Diadematus or common garden spider.. this one was away from the big clump of hundreds of spiders, on one of the tiny silken safety lines that radiated from the clump and it was drizzling with rain which gave a rather nice effect I thought.



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28 thoughts on “Leaving home in the rain?

  1. ..absolutely brilliant shot, helen! the dark background with just a hint of green as well gives it the final edge!
    so often ive tried shooting in the garden and right at the very instant you press the shutter, the wind blows and your subject moves!

    • they are as tiny as tiny can be Scilla and they grow up to be fairly ordinary garden spiders..There were hundreds of them.. they all clump together and if you touch anywhere near where they are they all scatter like a mini explosion and they NEVER stop moving 1

  2. I had to come back to this to enjoy it all over again. Have you thought of entering this in IGPOTY? I know you have had, well deserved, success there before. They don’t like my images 😦

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