One Love Festival – Hair part 2


I think I don’t need to tell you that these are still from the One Love Reggae/dub (and Ska) music festival at Hops Farm in Kent .  I’ve written about it on 1500 Saturdays which you can read here


You can see the other One Love Festival posts in the series here


As promised here is second post featuring the great hair I saw at the festival


Singer with Radio Riddler  – more of Radio Riddler tomorrow


This is not the same man as above but another with wonderful dreadlocks. There were lots with lovely decorations in like this.


This next one was probably amongst the most conservative hair I saw all weekend but I like it .. I didn’t think the nails quite matched though!


About to take a swig


and finally this beautiful woman who had no hair !


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  where I write about what I’m thinking, talking about, photographing or doing on all the Saturdays I hope I’ll have left!



6 thoughts on “One Love Festival – Hair part 2

  1. Saw the musical “Hair” about two years ago. It’s lost its political edge and become more mainstream, but I still like thinking about “shock value” and what it meant to express. Funny how shock can morph into other things over the years.

    • Oh yes you are right Scilla.. I remember how horrified I was when I saw the Excorcist which had just been released.. had nightmares for ages afterwards. My son saw it when he was about 16 I think ( not in my house!) and he thought is was hilarious!

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