Photos and poetry 1 – Two Cures

As I’m away at the moment I’m using this “reserve” post which I set up a couple of weeks ago. Ya gotta be prepared when you’ve set yourself a goal of posting every day !!

I love both photography and poetry so from time-to-time I may combine them 🙂



Two Cures for Love

1 – Don’t see him. Don’t phone or write a letter.

2 -The easy way: get to know him better.

Wendy Cope


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15 thoughts on “Photos and poetry 1 – Two Cures

  1. I am quite moved by the photo, not so much by the “poem”. I’ve never tried to cure myself of loving anyone, and I’ve often found that getting to know someone better actually increases compassion. I love the tenderness of the photo, though!

  2. This is a stunning photograph – composition, colours, contrasts, textures, crispness. But, I’m not impressed by Wendy Cope’s contribution. Poetry???

    • Haha.. your comment made me laugh and thanks for the compliments on the composition.. The poem is just meant to be a bit of fun… google her and you’ll see she is a most excellent poet Louis with a fine sense of what makes people tick.

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