By The Sea – Stripes


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Gosh I didn’t realise I had so many!



As anyone who regularly follows my blog will know I don’t use Photoshop much; for various reasons but mostly ‘cus I am too lazy or maybe not bright enough to learn!!  However I thought this photo lended itself to a little subtle watercolour treatment which I rather like. 

What do you think?



Finally let me share with you a priceless spam comment … such good value this one.

“I have not checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :) ” 

Hilarous !


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  where I write about what I’m thinking, talking about, photographing or doing on all the Saturdays I hope I’ll have left!



19 thoughts on “By The Sea – Stripes

  1. I would love to see that second shot on canvas about 8 feet long in the Art Institute in Chicago. It’s like David Hockney but far less commercial and Southern Californian…still, the bright, clear color and light remind me of his paintings. In other words, it’s really beautiful!

  2. If I look at the second one on its own, I really like it, so the watercolour treatment certainly worked. When I look at the two together and compare, I get confused and can’t decide. There is no hope for me.

  3. LOVE the treatment…
    If you’re feeling experimental try this..
    Open original….make a duplicate copy on second layer and use ‘glowing edges’ filter….set top two sliders to the right, bottom slider to the left……set layer blend mode to soft light and opacity at around 50%….merge layers and use dodge tool (set as soft wide brushwith around 20% opacity, 100% flow) to lighten certain areas (think about ‘painting light in’)….now reapply your watercolour effect…..
    It will blow your pants off….(figuratively speaking)

  4. Lovely blue. I too really like the green weedy bit and also the softer contrast of the first. Why not put the watercolour version in layers, on top of the first then rub out patches so that you get a mingling of the two. I think that a square crop might work well, it would be a more static abstract then; or two square crops, each with a narrow frame, side by side…… a diptych?

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