A walk in the Lavender Fields – Feather


You can see the other Walk in the Lavender fields in the series here

and my other feather photos here  I find it interesting to look at them now as they were taken before I started shooting in raw and when my Nikon was still fairly new to me. I think  they would look much better if I was taking them now 🙂

I took a few shots of this feather from different angles ( you photography lovers know how it is !! ) and I thought I’d present it a couple of different ways.

First –  selective colour with a bee as well as the feather.


Second – a close-up of a particularly delicate part of the feather in the sunlight



Finally how the feather actually looked in the lavender.


I might soon give you some actual field shots !


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



22 thoughts on “A walk in the Lavender Fields – Feather

  1. These are good, Helen! I like the use of selective colour in the top one (incl the bee!) – the feather maybe gets a little lost, but the image still looks good overall.

    Then the bottom one is a wonderful riot of colour and texture, with the feather standing out well Good stuff! Adrian

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