A walk in the Lavender Fields – A weed


Since I started this blog I’ve given you Rape fields and Poppy fields and in what’s become a walk through some of the UK ‘s fields ! I’m now going to start a series on the Lavender fields of West Norfolk and what I found in them.

I hope you’ll enjoy this series.  These first shots are of a weed that was growing in one of the fields and I loved the contrasting colours and shapes. I’m hoping someone will tell me what the weed is 🙂

29th July Update – and somebody did  tell me what it is – see bananabatmans comment below he said – “Could it be something called ‘weld’ or ‘reseda luteola’ ?  Yes indeed that’s what it is.. thank you so much. 🙂



The ladybird has been following me around. Here she is again !



I want to thank all you lovely people who come to this blog to look at my photos and I love it when some of you give up a little of your time to comment; you are all fab !

I am still amazed at how we bloggers can reach all corners of this beautiful world with our words and pictures.   Today the Bahamas became the 110 country to have visited.

Welcome, welcome.


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



22 thoughts on “A walk in the Lavender Fields – A weed

  1. The wavy weeds remind me of kelp beds off the coast of California. Maybe it’s the sea of purple…’Course the ladybird beetle reminds me we’re on land. Great color combination!

  2. Smashing photos Helen.

    I’m sorry, I know how to grow weeds, but not how to identify them. Could it be something called ‘weld’ or ‘reseda luteola’, which I stumbled on when trying to identify it in my little book? Apparently it is fairly common. When I google it though, it doesn’t look quite right.

  3. Good pictures, Helen – definitely the top one for me >>> wonderful contrast between the in and out of focus content, wonderful contrast of colours, and truly bizarre, even alien shaped weeds in the foreground – they could be waterweeds in a fish tank >>> I expect to see trails of bubbles rising from them any minute! – contrasting with the simple rows of lavender seen in the backdrop. Adrian

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