Poppy – Dropping Petals.


I’m keeping with the poppy because I’m trying not to flit so much from one thing to another!  I don’t know if the photographers among you suffer from this but I’ll be all involved in a subject ( like the poppy ) and then I go out and take new photos and the series of photos I’ve been working on goes out the window.

Is this common?

So I’m going to be disciplined for once and finish the Poppy series before I move on ! 

These are both the same poppy ( or what’s left of it) just outside my back door.  The photos show how a slightly different angle can completely change a photo.

The first photo was actually taken last from more in front of the poppy with hedging in the background and to be used as a comparison.

The 2nd photo was taken from above to show the petals that had fallen from it which was what attracted me in the first place, that and the new poppy flower bud beside it and this is the photo I much prefer. 

For some odd reason it made me think “The King is dead, Long live the King”





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22 thoughts on “Poppy – Dropping Petals.

  1. I love this poppy series and I am glad that you have stuck with it Helen. This makes for pleasant anticipation and easy following.

    I think there may be pros and cons to flitting about though. I know that I do it an awful lot, and if I didn’t, then my post count would drop a lot. Maybe this would be good! I still have to finish my Vietnam series, but the images need sorting and this requires work. Not easy in the summer months. So for the blogger, ‘flitting about’ can be good, and help maintain enthusiasm. I’m not so sure for the reader/follower. Variety may make it easier to attract new readers and maybe even retain them. In the end though, it is the quality of the blog which is most important, so perhaps a reduced post count but better content is really the way to go. If only I could get organised!

    • haha.. I love all your reasoning.. I had set myself the rather daunting task ( though I didn’t realise it at the time ) of posting at least one photo a day for a year and so far i’ve managed that ( usually more than one a day) and I am absolutely determined to do that!

  2. I can’t stick with a theme for luv’na’munny……
    Ich bin ein schmetterling….

    Themes can really work…..This is a good’un….. but I like it when you’ve got a couple or more running at the same time with occasional random stuff popping up….
    You can’t underestimate the thrill of the new..

  3. Oh, unusual compositions! I like them both, but for me the lower one has it by a considerable margin. First it looks weirder, more alien – is it something coming down from space with a red parachute – what exactly is it?! And the lighting on it is strange, it seems almost to be glowing.

    And then there’s that wonderful, neutral greyish background (better than the green background in the top shot), with blurred hints of yet more strange, descending creatures – how many are there coming down for god’s sake!? >>> good stuff, Helen! Adrian

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