Poppy – Monochrome


I’m still sticking with the poppy and my apologies for being all behind with all my favourite blogs. I lots of catching up to do…  !!


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22 thoughts on “Poppy – Monochrome

  1. Goes with Stephen G. Hipperson’s post referencing Karl Blossfeldt’s work (which I’d never seen before). The monochrome brings out the design elements so well. Are you familiar with Blossfeldt?

  2. Now this is nice Helen. I like the composition as well as the lighting. A nice touch is having the dark stalk cross the light one, it helps differentiate the edge of the stalk at the front when it might otherwise have been lost to the shadow.

    • It was obviously naturally like that Stephen and I took it low key in colour which I didn’t like so converted to Black and White in viewNX2. Did you follow the link to the other monochromes? I’d be interested in your opinions when you have time..as I’m pretty new to all this.. 🙂

  3. This is lovely Helen. I have one question though. Would it, or wouldn’t it, be even better without the background plant in the lower left? Added simplicity (how do you ‘add’ simplicity?). I’m certainly not sure, but wondered what you thought. If so, then a slightly different crop might also be appropriate. I hesitated to comment as it certainly isn’t a criticism. I like it anyway, and maybe that background plant enhances the image.

    • Don’t ever heistate to comment like this David.. this blog is a learning curve for me and I very much welcome such comments. I have just tried what you suggested and it does look good too.. I cropped it further taking out some of the now empty space from the left. However what I didn’t then like so much was that the bottom right just opening bud seemed too far too the right and too near the edge of the photo which didn’t look balanced.
      I think the lower left poppy bud adds depth to the picture as well as somewhat echoing the shape of the lower bud… good to be made to really look again at the photo.. thanks David

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