Poppy – The Irresistible Fields



There is something about a field full of poppies that is absolutely irresistible but how to photograph it to make it a little different… and would you necessarily want to?

Here are 3 shots taken in 3 different places at different times of day and with different post-processing.

That’s a whole lot of differents !




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40 thoughts on “Poppy – The Irresistible Fields

  1. OOOH!!! Poppies! My favourite wild flower! One appeared, all by itself,in my tunnel a few years ago and I let it grow and flower, so now I always have a few poppies around. They even spread out to the vegetable plot and always let e few of them develop on a non intrusive spot. They are very fertile buggers though. You have to weed hundreds of them out or your place would be swamped with them, but he, i love them, so I don’t mind the bit of extra work.
    Definitely shot nr 2 for me! The dark background brings out the poppy-red at its best.

  2. All three pics are great but I think I prefer the second for the same reason as Marleen, the red poppies are almost popping out of the picture. Lovely

  3. I like these a lot! The second is particularly interesting with variations in focus and colour saturation, punctuated by the crisp, contrasting dark seed heads. I have a slight reservation about the third – I would have removed the isolated poppy which, for me, distracts rather complements.

    • Thanks Louis… I was trying to produce something a little different with each of these shots but it seems the middle slightly more traditional one is favourite at the moment. Your view of the bottom one is very interesting to me. I deliberately chose to highlight this Poppy, that stood out so tall amongst the others, to symbolise that the glorious mass of red is made up of lots of individual flowers.. πŸ™‚

  4. Great series, Helen.

    It really is true that some subjects, however beautiful they might be, take trying different perspectives in order to capture the most interesting interpretation of the subject.

    Nice job!

  5. Excellent photos, Helen! I think the first two are the stronger shots. I love the horizontal bands of colours in the top one – but the middle one really gets to me – its the intensity of the colour in the foreground, and then what look like out of focus grasses sticking up pale against that black backdrop – wow! Adrian

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