Keeping it Low Key


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I have waaaaay too many photos that need editing.. It would be a good idea if I stopped taking photos for a while.. but you know how it is, there’s ALWAYS something that pulls you in.

Do you have the same problem??


I should know what this flower is below but I simply cannot remember.. I’m pretty sure the insect is another hoverfly 😉  Look at the lovely colours on its wings..



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12 thoughts on “Keeping it Low Key

    • Yes indeed it was David.. a shaft of bright sunlight had dried off one side of the flower leaving rain drops on the other side.. I thought it would be good in low key and as I was photographing it along came the hoverfly.. the little darling !

  1. I started drawing in my sketchbook when I went to Florence about 8 years ago because I knew I’d take way too many photos, so drawing makes me focus and keeps my photographic profligacy under control 🙂

  2. Funny, I have the opposite problem. I haven’t been taking what I hope are artistic photos long enough to have developed an eye that sees possibilities everywhere I go.

    My problem is that I don’t have enough time to devote to the kind of simple wandering about with a camera with the intention of developing my eye. I’ve long-desired to find a photography partner with whom we could go out shooting, keeping each other inspired and motivated.

    • I simply cannot help myself.. me “eye” never seems to swicth off now.. can be a bit annoying! You don’t have to go far.. a lot of my photos are just in my back garden as this was.. I’m not so good with other people with me because I’m a fantastically selfish photographer and am better alone !

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