More buzzing things…


This first photo is as much to do with the pattern in the background as the bee itself.


The bee cleaning his antennae



A hoverfly doing its hovering thing ! I’ve yet to capture a really good shot of the wings as they move so fast.. but I’ll keep on trying .


So I just had to wait until it had landed and almost stopped its wing activity… though not quite!



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33 thoughts on “More buzzing things…

  1. Love the shot of the Hover fly Hovering! I know they tend to slow down when they are about to hover before landing (sometimes) but even so to get the shutter speed and the f stop just right ain’t easy. This is lovely even without the wings.

  2. Nice work catching the hoverfly … those things are bloody speedy … I mean they hover right, they appear to stand still even but they’re ridiculously tricky to catch … well, I find them so 🙂

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