Portrait of a Day at Wimbledon – Cameras


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Right I’ve had a little jaunt into other photography for the last 5 days- from architecture to 3 about nature to yesterdays Self Portrait   now it’s about time I finished off my Wimbledon series.  I am soooo easily distracted!

The turn of the cameras to take a bow;  very much a part of Wimbledon with everyone clamouring to get the best shots. I know the shot above is a little out of focus but I wanted to show you the size of their lenses !!!


Who’s he photographing?


Oh ! Venus Williams



He’s watching me watching him



I was watching him watching the crowd on Murray Mount – the hill which faces an enormous TV screen that shows what’s happening on Centre Court to an excited crowd.


Camera on the roof in it’s raincoat. Ooops the cameraman has spotted me !

Tomorrow I’ll give you the Spanish TV crew..


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10 thoughts on “Portrait of a Day at Wimbledon – Cameras

  1. Excellent pix. What I wouldn’t give for that long lens – second in from right -Nikon 600mm I am saving though! On the other hand the tripod the video guy is using to film the ‘Hill’….thank goodness I don’t have to schlep that around.

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