Self Portrait 6 – Seeing a way out of the darkness


Again I offer you something completely different, as you know I like to do ..

This was taken at London’s Saatchi gallery. I have no idea who the painting/photograph was by ( it was a photography exhibition )  but as soon as I saw it the idea for this self-portrait shot came to mind.

For me it symbolises my use of photography to “see” my way out of  the fog of work-related stress and depression.



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20 thoughts on “Self Portrait 6 – Seeing a way out of the darkness

  1. Are those eyes or tears in the canvas? If you hadn’t written about seeing in a fog, I don’t know what I would have imagined. It’s a neat effect, whatever produced it. I tend to want to find out what a photo is “really” of, but it doesn’t matter.

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  3. Helen, I find what you have written re using photography to help see your way out of your work-related ills very moving – I hope very much that photography is helping, and that you are on the mend. Adrian

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