Poppy – with another dandelion seed !! 200th Post

I realised after I’d posted this that it’s actually my 200th Post so adding this in  😀

Thanks to all followers and those who comment.. what fun I’ve had so far.


So you thought I was finished with the dandelion seeds and so did I but a few weeks ago I saw another one hanging from the head of an unopened poppy just outside my kitchen door so what could I do but photograph it !


You can see the posts in the original Dandelion series  by clicking on the yellow link

Below is the first photo I took went indoors and was happy enough with the shot but a couple of hours I went back out to have another look and the poppy had opened just a little producing a much more colourful shot






I noticed at the back of the flower, just where the stalk joins it, there was a green-fly so I took a quick photograph of it too but only noticed when I looked at the photo on the computer that there was a baby green-fly too 🙂



Finally I thought I’d show a selective colour shot.


Stuart I know you won’t be impressed but there might be more poppy shots to come !! and at this point can I apologise yet again for being soooooo far behind with my blog reading and comments..


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



28 thoughts on “Poppy – with another dandelion seed !! 200th Post

  1. These are terrific images – beautifully composed, crisp, and so much more than just cold representation, especially the one with the greenfly.

  2. Oh these are really excellent, Helen, these are really up there with your best! I love all of these pictures, the whole lot – with two especially good.

    First, the one with the poppy head and the greenfly – the greenfly is great, but the poppy head looks like something out of the Alien films – I just love those moist looking, almost glutinous white hairs / tendrils on it – certainly something not of this planet! This could easily be a poster – maybe with the greenfly lightened just a little bit.

    And then the bottom one – you’ve got that selective recolouring spot on – strange and epic shot!

    Also its worth looking at the backdrops. I would have urged the use of black, but actually I think that the top shot might benefit from the very muted green and black backgrounds seen in the two shots below it. All good stuff! Adrian

    • Oh thank you so much Adrian.. I love to get your critique as you know. The selective colour shot was actually done in camera just after I’d taken the shot as I immediately thought it would work.. I don’t know how to do recolouring !! Oh so much to learn!

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