Portrait of a Day at Wimbledon – Whispering Doubles


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All right I give in…here are some players for you!!  Not action shots yet though..

Anyone who has watched doubles tennis will recognise what’s happening in these photos. If  you don’t really watch tennis you might not so I’ll tell you – In between points, particularly with the pair who are serving, the couples get together and whisper about what they plan to do next. They often put their hands over their mouths so the opponents across the net cannot hear/see what they are saying..

Surely it would be easier just to turn their backs but this is more fun for the crowd.. especially the pair in the first 2 shots who were perfectly synchronised and looked as though they were talking into their wristbands, like spies 😀




Their opponents were at it too.. but shabbily synchronised !


The women got in on the whispering act too.. and yes she does have blue hair and warpaint.. I may show more shots of her in another post.


But you wouldn’t think the Williams sisters would need to….



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16 thoughts on “Portrait of a Day at Wimbledon – Whispering Doubles

    • I always thought it was because they didn’t want their opponents to hear Elena as I’ve been watching Wimbledon since the 60’s and I’m sure they’ve always done this.. but that could be false memory at my age !

  1. Hi Helen! These are good Wimbledon shots of your’s >>> I’m amazed that the players whisper like this – as you say, why not just turn your back on your opponents? The top shot looks like a synchronised version of “Beam me up, Scottie”! Good stuff! Adrian

    • I think somone else commented about there being so many microphones around the court these days that maybe that was why they do it too. I loved those top 2 they did it after almost every point and so wonderfully synchonised .. it did make me laugh!

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