Portrait of a Day at Wimbledon – Umpire


As promised yesterday this is the start of a new “Portrait of ” series about a day I spent at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships on the 4th July. There will be the odd one or two of tennis players but most of them won’t be πŸ™‚

Here’s the first – the all important umpire trying to stay relaxed…..




….and when you’re sitting for a long time you’ve got to keep repositioning your feet !!



This is just the start and as you can see, as usual with me, they may not always be what you’d expect… I hope you’ll stay tuned and enjoy the Wimbledon experience.


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20 thoughts on “Portrait of a Day at Wimbledon – Umpire

  1. Top one is really nice, the bokeh is so effective and the tones are cool…. What is REALLY good about this though is the fact that, though you’ve included so little, there is still enough for us to know exactly what it is…even without the benefit of the post title….Difficult to pull off.

    The second shot however, is the most disgraceful example of product placement I have ever seen, and you should be ashamed…I hope Mr Slazenger and Mr Polo are paying you enough for this evil sell out…..
    (And I thought you were an artiste)..

  2. These are superb pictures – well observed, crisp and very well composed. In addition,the top one, especially, also tells us more than perhaps you initially realised. It is almost possible to provide a character description: look at the beautifully manicured,soft but firm hand; the nature/quality of the contact between the finger tips and the box; the colour coordination between shirt cuff and blazer, with the ‘right’ amount of cuff showing etc.

    • Oh thank you ! When I took these Louis I was just walking round between the outside courts looking for photo opportunities and it was the way this female umpire was holding and moving her hand, in a very relaxed and graceful way, that made me stop to take the photo so I am thrilled that you picked up on the idea of a character. I took the hand photo and as I continued to watch her I noticed her moving her feet backwards and forwards in the same gentle elegant way so tried to capture that too.

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  4. Oh yes, Helen, absolutely wonderful photography! I like them both, but the top one really has it for me, I think from a combination of the uniform jacket, the striped shirt cuff, the splayed fingers and their wonderful reflections – and lastly all of those quite bright and wonderful, out of focus colours in the background – this is certainly up there with your best and I wish it were mine! Adrian

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