Friday Faces 11 – People Underground


Tomorrow I will start a series called “Portrait of a day at Wimbledon” about my day at Wimbledon Tennis championships on Weds…. and some of them might even show photos of tennis players but most of them won’t !

Technically this post could have been part of that because the photos were taken on the way home.. so Wimbledon starting at the end !! I do like to be contrary ya know!

This post is one of the Friday Faces series even though there are photos of other bits of people’s anatomy in it and indeed a train too!!

You can see my other Friday Faces posts here


What’s he looking at ?


The No Smoking sign ?

OH! maybe them


What’s she looking at ?


The kissing girls bare feet maybe ?.. ouch they hurt! 

or the pink lining in her shoes?


Who’s she texting?  Her manicurist maybe?


What’s he dreaming about?  Getting home to his own bed I expect as it had been a long day 😀


No prizes for guessing what the owner of this  is dreaming about.


Looking forward to you joining me as, from tomorrow, I explore the Wimbledon experience with you.


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



19 thoughts on “Friday Faces 11 – People Underground

      • Well, simple thing >>> if you like ’em all, do ’em all! That’s (yet!) another good thing about photography, isn’t it – we can specialise or not, from day to day, just as the mood takes us. Hope you’re fine. A

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